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Addictions can destroy people and those they love.  I have over 11 years working with addictions.  I can provide support and care for those who are suffering from the addiction and those who feel helpless watching a loved one fall foul of addiction.

In treating addictions I take a holistic approach, that is to say there is much more to addiction than just the substance or behaviour. Why someone needs to self medicate is just as important and in many cases I have worked with it is more important that the substance or behaviour used. It is important to know that addiction is not a question of will power. Many of my clients over the years who considered themselves addicts were some of the strongest willed individuals I have had the pleasure to meet.

To resolve addiction we need to know ourselves better and understand the hidden drivers, pain or trauma that lead to self medicating with substances and behaviours. On the subject of trauma I think it important to note that having what we call trauma doesn't always mean there was one catastrophic event that happened. Trauma can be accumulative lots of very small things that reinforced each other over a long period of time.

I have worked with addiction for many years, there is a path to freedom from it and I hope to be able to share it with you when you are ready to start your journey.